Message to my readers

To my readers,

I am once again changing how I operate my blog, and you deserve an explanation.

The change is a result of my thinking recently about my career and my blog’s place in it. I realised that I have not been using my blog as best as I can.

I decided that my blog can serve as a repository of my writing. That it can showcase my writing skills, both present and developing, to potential publishers and employers, and prove what I claim in my resume.

But I also was not enjoying writing for my blog, writing one Words for Wisdom after another. I knew I would find greater enjoyment in using my blog posts as an opportunity to practice different skills each time.

This is the dual purpose my blog will now serve: to practice my skills, and provide proof of them.

I will be re-designing my blog to serve this purpose.

You will notice a change in the design of the blog. I will still post new content every week, but they will no longer be Words of Wisdom. Instead, they will be of a variety of content, including short fiction, poetry, artistic criticism, food criticism, and journalistic feature stories. These are the areas in which I want to practice and build my skills, and then provide proof of this progress and ability to potential employers and publishers.

I hope those of you who have enjoyed my content so far will enjoy the new content I will be posting in the coming weeks.

Yours sincerely,

William Barker

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