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Two Haikus on a Lily Pad (and Another)

Lily pad. Offers Safety and food. Can eat Safe from fish and snakes. The frog leapt across  The garden pond. The lily Pad sunk beneath it. I left the garden For lunch. So sad so sad, I Said inside my head.

Sonnet I: Possums

Possums are Wolverines, which Live in trees. Possums eat roses, And sunflowers. They Eat lilies, apples, Daisies. Tomatoes… Anything that hangs From a tree, or that  Springs from a root, the Possums will always Eat. They leave nothing Behind. No branch un- broken, no flower whole.

Haiku I: Fountain Ode

Water comes like rain, In drops that each make a wave, From the fountainhead.

New Year

I stand At a crossroad. My feet are hanging over the pavement, As I look ahead across the road, Staring down the other street.  The watch around my wrist ticks And ticks, Counting down towards the last…Moment, Hour, second, Minute, Of this passed year. The hand moves closer to The first…second, minute, hour, week, month, Moment, of this New Year. My still body, falls … Read More New Year

Poems of Defiance

I have decided not to post a short story this week as I had planned, due to something very significant that is happening right now, something that my love of justice compels me not to ignore. Last year in Hong Kong, thousands of the city’s brave citizens rose up in defiance, against an attempt by China’s dictatorial government to destroy the city’s status as … Read More Poems of Defiance