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Love’s Soup by William Barker

“Thomas, where’s your father?” He didn’t look her in the eye. He stared at the drop of snot slipping down her upper lip. She wiped it away. “Where’s your father?” “He’s working in his office.” “No, he isn’t. I saw his car leave the driveway an hour ago.” “Sorry Mum, I’ve got to go.” He was out of her bedroom door before he finished … Read More Love’s Soup by William Barker

Saving Santa Claus

I With a click the lamp turned on, throwing thin light out across the bedroom. Arthur’s shadow wobbled along the wall, as he lay on his back on the floor, trying to force his left foot into a heavy black boot, his left leg dangling in the air.  “What are you doing?” Sally said to him, sitting up in bed in her sky-blue pyjamas. … Read More Saving Santa Claus

Reason Unto Death

I Pilot stood on the balcony, the jungle landscape of Ammit spread out before her. Below her feet, it sprawled out in a wild wave of vines and trees, stretching as far as her eyes could see. A deep red light consumed the horizon. She stood with her eyes closed, savouring the hot, early summer breeze. Her hands were wrapped around the rail of … Read More Reason Unto Death

Primacy III-In The Face of Madness

I Chatter from the crowd, all keen, restless, excited, fills the auditorium. Sitting in their plush red, velvet lined seats, some speak to one another, some look down at their phones, others look at the stage, largely hidden by the majestic red of the golden-laced curtain.  There’s a couple, mid-twenties, with a little boy, adorably squeezed into a tuxedo. First time at the opera? … Read More Primacy III-In The Face of Madness

Showdown in San Francisco

San Francisco used to be a town. The gold rush of 1849 made it a city. By 1951, hovels had become houses, the one chemist was joined by a doctor, a dentist and a grocery shop, and dirt tracks had smoothed over into roads. Shadows glided across the ground as wanderers on their way home passed Tony Ewell’s saloon, light and music shooting out … Read More Showdown in San Francisco

Deadly Assumptions

I The skies of Ammit were a searing, hot orange colour, as the planet’s summer sun spread its fiery rays through the atmosphere. Below it, the sea of green jungle sprawled across the planet. The seemingly endless expanse of trees, vines and bushes, punctured by jagged rocks and mountain peaks, formed a dense and chaotic growth. The shrieks and roars of thirsty predators, and … Read More Deadly Assumptions

Primacy II: The Philosopher King

I The light of the mid-morning sun, just established in its place in the sky after clearing the horizon, ran across the waters of the Hudson River. It reached the glass and metallic skins of the skyscrapers of New York City. It danced off the glittering sliver-laced face of the Chrysler Building, then skipped across the brownstone roofs, along the faces of apartment buildings, streaming … Read More Primacy II: The Philosopher King

The Boxer

“And now” the voice said through the megaphone, with the power of god and the clear, fine tone of a doctor presiding over a birth, “the main event. Harold K, the young challenger, will face the reigning champion, the fierce, the colossal, the terrible, the Crusher.” A wave of cheers erupted across the stadium. The spectators, floating heads in the stands, formed a mass … Read More The Boxer

The Pact

Out in the vast beautiful sea of space, the Nicho Nebula sparkled and burnt in its celestial fire. It was an immense cloud of fiery red dust, spreading across the entire solar system that it shared with several planets, left unexplored because of the sheer hostility of their environments.  The luxury cruise ship the Ivory Canoe floated through the system, only a few hundred miles … Read More The Pact


I His eyes opened, the clear blue irises lighting up as they caught the bright light of another morning, rushing in through the window and the small gap between the woollen curtains. The line of light fell across his face. It seemed to be calling him. “I hear you”. His face was a collection of perfect geometric shapes. The straight triangle of his nose, … Read More Primacy

Mutually Assured Destruction

The immediate future.  Even though it was daytime, 15:00 hours, it appeared like the darkest night. There was little to no light reaching the eerie wasteland of Siberia, Russia. Black clouds covered the skies, casting deep, depressive shadows over the land. Snow and ice covered the landscape as far as the eye could see, like an impenetrable mask. Blank, white, seemingly unknowable.  Natasha Neil … Read More Mutually Assured Destruction

The Razor

Bruce lifted himself up from bed and walked listlessly to the bathroom. He reached for his razor inside the old and worn draw. He had allowed the beginings of a dark and heavy beard to start growing across his face. Each speck of black was stiff and biting, not hairs but pins, and they seemed to multiply with his regrets.  You can’t possibly make a … Read More The Razor