The Purpose of This Blog

Practice and proof. That is the purpose of this blog. To practice my skills as a fiction writer and as a journalist, and to provide proof of these skills to potential employers and publishers. 

Every post is a trial to test and build my skills as a fiction writer and as a journalist. So I can become better at creating thrilling plots, with compelling characters, and a lucid, economic style, which all work to create stories with fundamental and universal themes at their heart. So I can become better at investigating issues, and applying my philosophical knowledge to analyse and understand current events, and then communicate my findings clearly. Whether it is a new film or play I see with friends, or a new restaurant I eat at for lunch, I use every opportunity to practice my skills in nonfiction writing.  

What I write and post on this blog will fall into one of these categories:

-Poetry, consisting mostly of haikus and sonnets.

-Short-short stories. These are stories with a length of one to two pages. The form was largely perfected by Fredric Brown, a sadly neglected writer of mystery, fantasy and science fiction stories.

-Open letters, applying my philosophical knowledge to analyse current events, in the tradition of Emile Zola’s “J’accuse” and Dr King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”.

-Criticism, consisting of reviews of films, television, plays, books, architecture, paintings, sculptures and restaurants. 

-Investigative feature articles, presenting my investigative journalism. 

I hope anyone who reads my blog will find my writing enjoyable and informative.

William Barker

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